If you are a traveler of the Dhaka-Satkhira route, then this is a useful post for you. Day and night bus services are available by AK Travels. The travelers can get on air-conditioned, non-air-conditioned, and normal buses for their journey.

AK Travels

Booking place        Contact number
0471 65805
01709-96 41 90
01709-96 41 91
01709-96 42 31

Shyamnagar: 01709-96 41 92

Kaliganj: 01709-96 41 43

Nalta: 01709-96 41 44

Parulia: 01709-96 41 45

Kalaroa: 01709-96 41 46

Patkelghata: 01709-96 41 51

Tala: 01709-96 41 56

Kapilmoni: 01709-96 41 57

Dhaka to Satkhira/Satkhira to Dhaka AK Travels route 


Dhaka to Satkhira AK Travels ticket price

AC Bus:                                     BDT 800/900/1000/1100/1200/-
Non AC (Chair coach) Bus:          BDT 500/550/-
Non AC (Normal Coach) Bus:       BDT 330/-
***The ticket price will be more if you start your journey to Shyamnagar or Kaliganj and less if the travelers get on bus from Jessore. 

*During Eid vacation, the ticket price will be higher than the normal days.

*Bus fares may be less during off peak season.

*The phone numbers, ticket price, and other information are subject to change.

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