Uttara Gonobhaban is one of the best tourist attractions in Bangladesh. It is in Natore. It is also known as Dighapatia Rajbari.

How to go

You can go to this place through rickshaw or CNG auto-rickshaw from Natore town.
It is 3 kilometres away from Natore town. The address is:
Dighapatia, Sadar Upazilla

Brief Chronological History
1952-The last king of the palace Protivanath Roy left to Kolkata.
1966-The palace came under the control of Government.
1972-Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared it as Uttara Gonobhaban.

Uttara Gonobhaban is the combination of:
12 buildings
Beautiful lake
Attractive garden
Excellent sculptures brought from Italy
Surrounded high wall
Various types of plants and trees
41.51 acres of land
Recently Uttara Gonobhaban has been opened for the public. Now, you can visit this place.

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