Here are some additional recommendations and reminders for utilising your Dremel 8200 rotary tool. Your efforts should be simpler, safer, and more fruitful if you are aware of these. To read more about power tools and about the best best rebar tie gun, visit our website.


1. Use a collet size that corresponds to the accessory's shank size at all times. For the Dremel 8200, 4 different collet sizes are available: 1/16", 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8". Most tool sets typically feature a collet of the 1/8" size.

2. The Dremel 8200 has a built-in "hanging" that you may use to hang your rotary tool while not in use; to use the rotary tool, simply snap the hanger back into place on the tool's body.

3. Check that your attached accessory is balanced on your rotary tool before using it. After attaching your accessory, just turn on the rotary tool and you should be able to tell whether the attached accessory is in balance from the feel and the sound. To correct an imbalance, simply loosen the collet nut, twist the accessory a little, and retighten the collet nut.

4. Before using a Dremel with wire brushes, turn it on and let it run for about 60 seconds to shake loose any loose wire on the brush. Never set the rotary tool's operating speed higher than 15,000 RPMs while using wire brushes because pieces of the wire brush could come loose and become embedded in your skin.

5. Hold the body of the Dremel like you would a fishing rod when using it for heavy grinding or while using a cutoff wheel, with your thumb on top near the OFF/ON button, the body of the tool resting in the palm of your hand, and the other four fingers holding the left side of the tool in place.

6. When using a bristle brush, never set your rotary tool's speed higher than 15,000 RPMs since this could harm the brush.

7. To find the best working speed for a particular piece of plastic, start your tool at a low rate of speed, gradually increase the speed until you see the plastic start to melt, and then slightly decrease the speed.

8. If the three fuel gauge lights start blinking "off and on," it means the battery in your rotary tool has heated up and cannot be used. Just switch it off, take a break, and let the tool cool down (Note: If the 3 lights are flashing "side to side" or just 1 light is flashing "off and on", that means that your battery needs to be recharged.)

9. Never start your Dremel while it is contacting the substance you are intending to work on, as you would with most cutting tools; instead, wait until it has reached the full speed you set it for before you start to cut, polish, sand, grind, etc. the material.

10. Don't worry if your tool bit gets stuck in the material you're working on; your Dremel's motor will automatically shut off (a wonderful function), and once you've managed to free the bit from the substance, the rotary tool will restart itself. Using the right power tools are vital to get the job done. Want to know the best bestmini cordless circular saw? Visit our website today.

I hope these reminders and advice are useful!

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