House removal advice: packing

Pre-move packing advice that works whether you utilise a house moving company or not. For more information on removals, visit our website.

 Purchase or Rent Crates or Boxes

To pack your possessions, you'll need to hire (or buy) crates or boxes (unless your removal company provides the necessary boxes).

Design & Organize

Select a spare room in your home where you may keep your items that will be transported, then start packing. Possibly your dining room, garage, or another space.

Several weeks prior to the removal date, you can begin packing the less vital items. You will be spared from an unexpectedly heavy duty close to moving day. You can begin packing the most crucial items as the moving date approaches.

Always keep in mind not to pack your legal and other critical papers with your regular household items. For safety reasons, try to pack them individually and keep them with you at all times.


Try to use some sort of protective material, such as bubble wrap, when packing fragile objects, and make sure there is enough to cover the entire item. The more tightly packed things there are in the box, the better because they will be more resistant to physical shocks.

Try packing items like cups, bowls, and other items in them, and don't forget to cover the handles as well.


Avoid packing boxes too full of heavy objects because this will make them difficult to handle and transport; they may also rip or shatter in transportation.

Nobody wants a box to collapse during a relocation, so be sure to wrap them with enough tape to keep them together. Fill any empty spaces in boxes housing sensitive things with paper or another soft substance.


Try to label each box with a numbering system, the location it might end up in the new house, the location it came from, or a warning symbol like "Fragile" or something similar. This can aid you when unpacking at your new residence as well as the movers by letting them know where to put the boxes and how to handle them. Want to know more about house removals Manchester? Visit our website today.

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