Reducing Noise MLV Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Acoustical Felt Insulation

HuiAcoustics, located in Guangzhou City, Guandong Province, is a large-scale acoustic company integrating with floor rubber underlay processing and wholesale. Our products have complete specifications, a variety of colors and enough stocks, which can meet customers' demands at any time. We are providing thoughtful and the best services as per customers' requirements.

We have established favorable business relations with major industries including engineering and consulting firm, engineering design company, interior fitup contractor, construction-minded consulting company, and other industries. SOEBJ specializes in installing gymnasiums, turf fields, track and field fields, tennis courts, weight rooms, training rooms and rubber floors for multifunctional sports facilities.

MJRHRP has extensive contractor experience in contractors of state colleges, custom house construction, addition, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation and basement decoration. DesignServiceT is a Cambodian construction company that provides customers with the healthiest, latest model designs and the most comfortable living standards with the best luxury services. KFVBYB has been building handcrafted houses and apartments in Grand Rapids and throughout Western Michigan. Whether it is your own or ours, let us build your dream home together.

Sound Panels Factory Fiber Ceiling Fireproof Soundproof Panel for Home Cinema Decor Panel

Our products are very famous in our local market, and they have been exported to Hanoi Viet Nam, Bangkok Thailand, Willenhall United Kingdom, Tanger Morocco, Omaha, Chicoloapan de Juárez Mexico, Serang Indonesia, Maiduguri Nigeria, Kisangani Congo, Poti Georgia, Ujjain India, Mangalia Romania, etc.

Recent Request for Quote

1. I would like to know the price of ordering 40 square meters mass loaded vinyl delivered to the United states. I would like the all inclusive price of the MLV and the shipping.

2. Can you please send price for 50 sqm of 2mm, 1. 2m mass loaded vinyl, Shipping to Syndey, Australia.

3. We are an import company located in Uruguay and are interested in Acoustic Panels. The customer is going to install a noisy machine in the warehouse and neighbours may be angry with the noise. Could you please send us a quotation?

They are broadly used in the construction of retail store, university performing arts center, sports hall, class rooms auditorium, event center, private recording studio, council chamber, performing arts theatre renovation, performance gym, community halls and multi purpose spaces, multipurpose room, etc.

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