Fire Rated Double Leaf Doors Steel Soundproof Acoustic Proof Door for Apartment 40-45dB

Based on scientific-technical progress, and the cooperation with universities and other scientific research institutions, the company unceasingly innovates noise cancelling door and makes the brand of famous. The company has a strong technical force, complete software and hardware facilities, rational organization structure, enabling its competitive advantage and rapid development.

With the high appreciation and support of designing and decoration constructions companies, architectural builders firms, landscape architecture companies, and other customers, we have gained a large sales network. ServiceBW is a full-service door and glass specialist who specializes in repair, installation and sales, and is proud of its outstanding customer service. It has been serving downtown Portland, Oregon for 17 years. QNPBI provides unique expertise to higher education, corporate, hotel and community clients who need commercial interior designers in Southern Indiana. KWPA is an expert in staircase design, manufacturing and installation, and will create custom staircases based on your specific requirements, style and budget. DesignTService offers a full range of services for home and office decoration and design solutions, which can help you create something to be proud of and enjoy. GQRL is a full-service interior contractor, providing a wide range of services to industrial, commercial and residential customers of MA, NH, VT and ME.

With the high appreciation and support of customers, we have obtained a global sales network covering Ta'izz Yemen, Taif Saudi Arabia, Harrogate United Kingdom, Bilbao Spain, Alicante, Araucaria Brazil, Talisay Philippines, Salta Argentina, Barranquilla Colombia, Liepaja Latvia, Jhansi India, Bergen Norway, and so on.

I need to install in my factory the following items:1) Double doors (any width between 1800mm and 2000mm) with door-frame STC 65 or above. 3 pieces. 2) Single door (any width between 800mm to 1000mm) with door-frame STC 65 or above. 2 pieces. I need these doors at a competitive price and need to finish a project before the Chinese New Year (25 of January). Can you help me in manufacturing these doors and export them to Singapore? Can you provide a quotation? You can call me directly or message via WeChat, or whatsApp. Our company is looking for soundproofing material for construction of condominiums. To reduce noise, the area around the project. But we do not experience this side we need guidance from you that you should use your product category. We want you to submit a bid together with catalog, come to us immediately. We're going to decide next month. Our company is the sole importer protective equipment for various construction projects. We have a need for your product.

Soundproof Metal Acoustic Soundproof Doors Hardware Door Commercial Studio Double Soundproof Door

There are a number of indoor applications such as commercial building, multi purpose room, machine room, music room dance room, event center, compressor station, audiometric rooms, audio-visual room, arts theatre, convention halls, broadcasting facilities, and so on.

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