3D Customized Interior Decorative Acoustic Absorbing Panels Polyester Decorative Sound Wall Panel

Established in 2011, mm is a leading designer and manufacturer of acoustic panels, 3D wall panels and related solutions for 10 year experience, located in Guangzhou. We have a skilled team of professionals at different stages like Design, R&D, Manufacturing, Integration, Sales, Installation, Technical Support, fully taking care of your requirements, from the very start of your project to the very end.

Customize Size Yellow Polyester Fiber Acoustic Absorption Acoustical Home Decor 3D Sound Wall Panel

1. Please provide prices and specs of your Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board. We hope that we can have a mutually beneficial cooperation.

2. I'm looking to inatall movable partition wall, the dimention of my room is 13. 62 meters length and 2. 92 meters hight. Please, kindly provide: The price for type 65. The shipment cost to Dammam port in Saudi Arabia. The cost of cover decoration of track and partition from same material.

3. We are a Hong Kong based sourcing company bringing together established expertise, offer flexible construction supply chain solutions designed to perfectly meet customers' needs. We offer individually tailored solutions across the World with expertise in engaging customers in the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, and across the MENA region.

In addition to Chinese market, we have good experience in the markets of Campo Grande Brazil, Jaipur India, Istanbul Turkey, Sydney Australia, Liverpool United Kingdom, Okayama Japan, Guadalajara Mexico, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Seoul South Korea, Islamabad Pakistan, Allentown United States, Seattle United States, for acoustic panels.

We have flexible trade methods, and products are sold to customers of audio/video retailer, maintenance & repair service provider, online furniture shop, consulting engineering company, etc. DevelopmentGF is a professional joiner, dedicated to new buildings, commercial decoration offices, schools and hotels, housing development of multiple plots, social housing, etc. ConstructionWO provides traditional stone houses, villas, plots, land, property rental, property management, construction and decoration management, Cyclades properties. LXXPX provides all plaster moldings for residential and commercial properties, including walls, cornices, ceiling cores and all types of internal plaster moldings. XJAN is a general contractor company that specializes in custom house development, mainly building custom houses, specifications houses and many renovation projects.

Our acoustic insulation batts and other acoustic products are widely currently being used for projects including Multifunctional Hall in Chengdu, Sichuan, Acoustic renovation of Jacksonville office lobby, Hubei Huangshi Yangxin County Cinema, Shaanxi People's Broadcasting Station Recording Studio, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Auditorium of No.1 Middle School in Zhangzhou, Fujian , and so on.

We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with you.

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