Aluminum Acoustic Panel Office Collapsible Folding Acoustic Room Divider Sound Office Divider

Our core business is acoustic products sales. We treat creating high-end acoustic hanging room divider, and offering super after-sales service as management orientation. After continuous investment, we grow to be a large base with a big and automatic production system. Now it is able to provide customers better products, after-sales service and also customization.

What's more, large amount of our products are sold to customers of interior decorating company, international modeling agency, landscape management company, commercial architectural company, etc. InteriorDecorationFM is an award-winning interior design studio that specializes in residential, commercial and hotel projects, and provides decoration services within Sydney and Australia. OAINEV is a leading construction service provider for residential and commercial buildings, with a focus on cost-effective and sustainable construction practices in San Diego and Los Angeles and California. SCIOLU is an engineering consulting company with 75 years of experience. Its consulting engineers provide services to construction professionals, building owners and managers, contractors and developers.

We have exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Anápolis Brazil, Jaipur India, Nürnberg-Fürth Germany, Algiers Algeria, Portsmouth United Kingdom, Tehran Iran, Amsterdam Netherlands, Alexandria Egypt, East Rand South Africa, Naples Italy, Cleveland United States, Virginia Beach United States, and some other countries.

Sound Internal Sliding Folding Automatic Mobile Folding Wooden Room Divider Wall Hanging Partition

1. Need a proposal for large partition folding wall. Please send email so I forward you the plans and specs on the project.

2. I have a few questions about the acoustic partition walls to be used in a psychology office where a larger room could be divided into two soundproof rooms.

3. I am looking for a partition to divide a television control room in which the partition can be slide out of the way to make one room sometimes. The width of the room is 18 feet 11 inches. Is there an estimated cost for something like this?

This product is broadly currently being used for projects including Guangzhou Huashi Guangdong Hotel, Baiyun Hotel Lanzhou, Sheraton Kunming Hotel Ballroom, Wuhan Milestone Kart Club Restaurant, Shenzhen Fuyong Pengfu Hotel Private Room, Guangzhou Flower Season Restaurant, and so on.

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