The Banskhali Eco-Park is a cluster of hills; which creates exceptionality and attraction to us. It is a fantastic place for recreational activities. This is perfect for group outing. The Eco Park was established in 2003 under a project of Bangladesh Government.  It covers total 1200 hectares area.

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 Location of Banskhali Eco Park

The park is located in Banskhali Thana of Chittagong district. You will find it some 60 kilometers south of Chittagong town. It is only 4 kilometers east of Banskhali town. I should also mention that it is bordering the western edge of the Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated nearer of Bay of Bengal.  

How to reach Banskhali Eco Park
At first, the visitors need to travel to Chittagong. You can go to by road or by air.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines and GMG Airlines have their daily flights in this route. Every hour AC and Non AC buses regularly go from Dhaka to Chittagong. It takes about 6 hours to reach.

You have to take bus service from Chittagong Bohoddarhat Bus Terminal to reach Banskhali. It takes two and half hour. The cost is around TK 40. The visitors can also rent a microbus to go there. It may cost TK 2500-3000 daily plus fuel.

Features of Banskhali Eco Park
The park is featured with hills, lake, wildlife sanctuary, valleys and reserve forest.
The lake is 5 kilometers long. There are two engine boats, four pedal boats, two speed boats and two swan boats are available. These are rented to the tourists on hour basis. This is one of the sources of mind-blowing Bankhali Eco Park.
Two picnic sheds, two rest houses, two hilltop observation towers have been built for the tourists. The longest 400 feet hanging bridge of Bangladesh is in this park; which has connected two hills. Another 100 feet long suspension bridge on the canal connecting Daner Chhara and Bamer Chhara has been constructed in Banskhali Eco Park.

Things to do in Banskhali Eco Park
The park is enriched with wide variety of recreational facilities. You can do some excellent things to enjoy tour at Banskhali Eco Park. Have a look:
>Boat rides in lakes
>Hiking along the trails
>Climbing to the top of the hills
>Watching nature from the observation tower 
>Enjoying moving together of wild elephants during rainy season
>Glimpsing the blue expansion of Bay of Bengal

Flora and Fauna in Banskhali Eco Park
This park was enriched with many animal species and plant species. It was a semi-evergreen forest. Now the park is being planted with trees of timber value. Some ornamental and medicinal trees are also available here. A big number of animal species are rare now. Sun grass and other plantation species are dominating the park. Banskhali Eco Park is in the threat of encroachment and poaching.

Accommodation facilities in Banskhali Eco Park
Banskhali Proshika Rest House has been established for the visitors who want to stay there.
Contact Number: +8801711428364
Room Rate: TK 100
There is a Forest Department in Banskhali area. They have a rest house too. If anyone wants to stay there, then he or she requires prior permission.
Contact Number: +88 031 684420
There is no problem of food. There are some restaurants which can fulfill the demand of food for the guests.


Bankhali Eco Park is an extra-ordinary source of ecotourism. Various facilities have already been created in this park. It has the ability to attract huge tourists. But the travellers are keeping themselves away from enjoying the natural beauty of this place for the lack of publicity. 

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