Today’s topic is Memory Eternal Dhaka University. The University is a great place in Bangladesh. And Memory Eternal is a famous spot of this university. In fact, Memory Eternal is a memorial of Dhaka University. Let’s know more about this:


Dhaka University has a great role in the Liberation War of Bangladesh. It was the center of Independence Movement. This is why Pakistan Army and its collaborators were strongly involved in genocide in this campus. Memory Eternal Dhaka University consists the names of all of its staffs who embraced martyrdom during the period of Liberation War in 1971.

Many people directly related to Dhaka University dedicated their lives for the independence of Bangladesh. Teachers and intellectuals, students, officers, workers and family members were brutally killed by Pakistan Army.

The whole Dhaka University has great contribution in Liberation movement and against the oppression of Pakistan. This is why the generation of Bangladesh is grateful to Dhaka University and the people who dedicated their lives.

The memorial is located beside of Dhaka University Vice Chancellor’s Bungalow. It was built in 1995. It was recognized as Dhaka University Memorial. Later, the memorial was renovated in 2015. Then, it was renamed as Memory Eternal.

To remember the contribution and dedication of those great people, the authority has established the Memory Eternal Dhaka University Memorial. Total 195 martyrs have been enlisted here.

Some of them are gallantry award holders in Liberation War. Bangladesh is proud of them. All of them are real hero. This name-plaque complex will give you an outstanding feeling of pride.

At the evening, the Memory Eternal come forward with outstanding view. In fact, you will see new beauty of this place at night. Mobile food vendors are available here. You can have snacks, tea, coffee etc. from them.

Now, it has been turned into a popular tourist attraction. If you come to Dhaka University, you should visit this monument. Come, see and know a bit of history of Bangladesh.

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