For successful travel, every tourist needs to create a perfect travel budget.  It is a part of good trip planning.  Thinking about the whole travel period and cost, you have to make the travel budget. 

Calculation of budget should be perfect and effective. If you do A to Z calculation of your travel budget, then you can make a successful trip.

How to Make a Perfect Travel Budget
It is a characteristic of travelling is that travel costs may go up suddenly. So, we should make an effective travel budget for every tour of our life.
Calculate the expenses of buying travel accessories for a tour. Add the dress costs for this trip. It is an important instruction of creating a perfect travel budget.
For air travel, add airfare. Now add the fees of airport parking, airport transfers and checked luggage fee. Include every cost of air travel to make travel budget.
Now, come to the transportation costs. Add the costs of car rental, gas and other car expenses such as tolls, parking etc. Add the expenses of rail passes or train tickets. You must add all kinds of transportation costs such as bus, taxi etc.
After that, calculate the costs of accommodations and meals. Remember to add the tips for tour guides, hotel staffs etc. It plays vital role to create perfect travel budget.
To enjoy sightseeing and other activities, you have to add more costs. You have to pay for vacation package or organized tour. Think about the expenses of nightlife enjoyment or any other entertainment. This kind of cost increases the travel budget.
Add the costs of entrance fees, souvenirs and shopping. If you want to enjoy cruising, then calculate this cost. Add the expenses of shore excursions, dining surcharges, fitness classes, spa treatments, private pool cabanas, cocktails and sodas, onboard gift shop,  gratuities etc. if you enhance your travel budget, then you will get the opportunity of enjoying these facilities.
Travel insurance is important before travelling. So, add the insurance cost. To travel, you have to arrange passport, visas and some more travel documents. You must calculate these costs. It creates the base of travel budget.
Wherever you travel(Vik or Dubai), you need to add the expenses of phone or calling card, internet access, currency exchange and bank fees. Add more money for medical treatments and any kind of refreshment cost. Don’t forget to include these costs in your travel budget.
Don’t forget to maintain the home-care while you are in travelling. While you are away, keep aside the costs of home maintenance, child or pet care. Many tourists think that these are not included in travel budget. Yet, nobody can ignore these.
After adding all the expenses, pay attention to add some more money for facing emergency situations. It should be at least one-third of total travel budget. In fact, travel budget depends on time, place, activities and people. It may be less or more.        
So, follow the above instructions and create a perfect travel budget for you.

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