Satkhira is well-known district in Bangladesh. It is the most south-western zone of this country. This post is for them who want to travel this place and have eagerness to know about Satkhira. I want to give you obvious knowledge about this district.

Location of Satkhira

Satkhira is located at the southern part of Bangladesh. It is situated south of Jessore and west of Khulna. Sundarbans and Bay of Bengal are at the south of Satkhira. The country India is at the west of Satkhira.

How to go to Satkhira
Satkhira is connected to Jessore and Khulna. You can go to Satkhira directly by road. AC and Non AC buses regularly go to Satkhira from Dhaka. You can also go there through using railway. But you have to get down either Jessore or Khulna as rail route is not available in Satkhira. After that you need to use bus or any other transport from Khulna or Jessore to go to Satkhira.

You can also hire private, micro or CNG auto rickshaw from Khulna or Jessore for this purpose. For fast journey, you have to use Dhaka-Jessore air route. Then follow the same way to come to Satkhira from Jessore.

Bus companies of Dhaka-Satkhira route
Satkhira Express
Satkhira K Line
AK Travels
Yellow Line
Hanif Poribohan
Eagle Poribohan
SP Golden Line
Soudia Poribohan
Ruma Poribohan
Bolaka Poribohan
Satkhira Deluxe
Sohagh Poribohan
Saira Poribohan
Sangram Poribohan

Top tourist attractions in Satkhira
Kopotakshya River
The Shrine of Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah
The Shrine of Shah Aziz
Twin Temple of Choyghoria
Tetulia Mosque
Shyam Sundor Temple
Sonabaria Temple
Christian Temple of Ishwaripur
Mojaffar Garden
Gurpukur Fair
Dighi or Big Pond of Rajjak Park
Curd of Satkhira
The Sweets named Sondes and Para Sondes
Shrimp and Prawn
Local Bicycle based Helicopter

Sightseeing at Satkhira
Satkhira is a small town. So, you can explore it easily. For sightseeing, you can hire a rickshaw, a motor bike or an auto rickshaw. Hire a private, micro or auto rickshaw for long distance sightseeing at Satkhira.

Accommodation facilities in Satkhira
There are some hotels, rest houses, and guest houses in Satkhira. Let’s see:

Mozaffar Garden & Resort
Hotel Shimanto
Hotel Shamrat Plaza
Hotel Al-Arafah
Hotel Hasan
Hotel Boishakhi

Shyamnagar upazilla of Satkhira is the entry point of Sundarbans. Let’s know some names of accommodation in Shyamnagar:
Hotel Barsa
Hotel Sundarban
Hotel Soudia
Hotel GKI
Gopalpur Picnic Corner
Tiger Point Guest House
Shushilon Rest House
There are 2 bungalows maintained by district council for the guests.

Shopping in Satkhira
If you are in Satkhira, I hope you will like to shop here. You may have eagerness to buy shrimp or prawn as the district is famous for this. There are many Indian products are available here such as saree, medicines, animals etc. Even you can collect Indian accessories by order. But this is risky.

I think that comparatively the products are cheap in Satkhira from the other districts in Bangladesh. China-Bangla Shopping Complex and Satkhira Shopping Center is newly built shopping malls. The others are traditional local markets.

Satkhira is one of the big districts in Bangladesh. But the town is small. You may not get high quality facility here. Yet, I hope that you will enjoy travelling at Satkhira. 

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